Primesec encrypting bridge

2007-11-16 00:00:00 +0000

Primesec encrypting bridges transparently connect two LAN segments through and encrypted tunnel. Low power consumption, durable casing, simple configuration, high security and competitive price - these are reasons to find out more about these devices.

Encrypting bridge Primesec 10L model LG860A3R53F-7-DD9</strong> CPU 533 MHz 3xLAN Alu+plastic case No moving parts
Encrypting bridge Primsec 10N model NEOCV860A3R10N-7-1401</strong> CPU 1 GHz 3xLAN Durable Alu case No moving parts
Preconfiguration service A pair of bridges are delivered in ready-to-use configuration as orderd by customer


Configuration Each Primesec dridge has three network interfaces:

Ze względów bezpieczeństwa połaczenia do konsoli administracyjnej są możliwe tylko na interfejs LAN2 (mozna wpiąć go jednak do tego samego segmentu sieci co interfejs LAN1).


Other options available on request. Contact Primesec was designed by Pawel Krawczyk, owner of "Bolanda Networks" consulting company from Krakow, Poland.