Mediated electronic signature - PKI 2.0

2010-12-04 00:00:00 +0000

Mediated electronic signature is new technical and organisational solution that tries to solve limitations of qualified electronic signature. Mediated electronic signature works by engaging a trusted third party into signature creation process. This additional step in signing process allows great simplification of verification process, which was so far one of the most complicated parts of qualified electronic signature. At the same time the mediated signature preserves strong authenticity of origin.

Business solution utilising mediated signature is being developed - using name PKI 2.0 - by a consortium of Polish companies: Trusted Information Consulting, Malkom, CryptoTech and PEMI, all well known on Polish electronic signature market. In the coming weeks PEMI will publish a new version of their Protektor software that will include working implementation of mediated signature .

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