Paweł Krawczyk - open-source projects

  • Secure passphrase generator.
  • ConvPL (CPL) i QueryPL (QPL) (Polish) - command line tools to discover and convert coding standards of Polish diacritic characters. Written in 90's these tools supported probably largest database of known coding standards (over 25), ease of use and ability to determine coding used by statistical analysis.
  • PAM TACACS+ is a PAM module written when I built a complete dialup access server for a local ISP company. This module allows to authenticate people on a PAM system againsta a TACACS+ server. Project now hosted on GitHub as pam_tacplus.
  • Poppassd is a daemon that allows remote password change by users using a protocol similiar to POP3. PAM compliant. Source code below.
  • Obcode is a library to implement arithmetic operations using obfuscated pseudo-code to make reverse engineering and debugging more difficult. Inspired by famous Solar Designer's hackme. Also contains implementation of RC4 cipher. Source below.
  • Integrity is a very fast and minimalist daemon for runtime validation integrity of operating system files. Intended for embedded systems running from ramdisk. Source code below.
  • Cknife is a minimalist command line tool for file encryption and integrity protection. Source code below.
  • Clrngd is a daemon feeding operating system's entropy pool from hardware clock drift. Source code below.

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