Getting free gigabytes of secure online storage... by cleaning trash

2013-04-16 00:00:00 +0100

For a few years now I’ve been using Wuala</a> as my online storage of choice, mainly because of its security related features. Recently it approached the limit of my purchased space… Wuala has one advantage over Dropbox and similar services — all files are encrypted on client computer and only then transferred to cloud storage. It has also pretty good file sharing between Wuala users and other people (using “secret” URL). Probably the only disadvantage is that you cannot access all of your files over web only interface on Wuala website — this is consequence of the endpoint encryption model.

I’ve been using Wuala to synchronize and backup my documents for while now and just run out of space. I was however able to reclaim around 20% of my total, paid space by cleaning trash which accumulated over years I’ve been using Wuala.

Reason why I’m writing this kind of obvious thing at all is that if you run out of space, Wuala will offer you a paid upgrade and the Trash is not really very visible if you have a lot of files. I never used it for file recovery and I found it when investigating, why removal of several large source code trees did not reduce my online space usage.

If you decide to give a try to Wuala, which I recommend, please use this referral link which will give me 256 MB additional space for one year: