First source code vulnerability scanner for Ruby

2011-10-31 00:00:00 +0000

Brakeman is first source code vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications. Brakeman is static code analysis (SCA) tool that scans whole Ruby on Rails applications to find vulnerabilities.

To run Brakeman you need a whole Ruby on Rails application tree — with libs, app, vendor etc directories. On output Brakeman will produce a report in HTML or ASCII format.

We have tested Brakeman on rather large applications. Results were outstanding compared to manual vulnerability review. As often with SCA, the report may contain tens or hundreds of potential vulnerabilities, that need to be then manually verified by someone with good knowledge of the application. As result we were able to confirm — and fix — at least a dozen of rather urgent vulnerabilities, including numerous Cross-Site Scripting, SQL injection and authorisation bypass issues.