European Commision's report on electronic administration

2011-02-27 00:00:00 +0000

European Commision has just published 2010 report on electronic services of public administration in European countries. The report highlights progress that has been made in EU on average:

More people across the EU now have access to public services online, according to Europe's 9th e-Government Benchmark Report released today. The average availability of online public services in the EU went up from 69% to 82% from 2009 to 2010. Putting more Government services online helps cut costs for public administrations and also reduces red tape for businesses and citizens. The report reveals the best and worst performers in the EU, focusing on two essential public services: 'finding a job' and 'starting a company'.</blockquote On the other hand availability of these services is still very uneven among different countries:
Italy, Malta, Austria, Portugal and Sweden all 20 services are now 100% e‚Äźnabled. Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and Latvia have shown marked improvement (more than 25 percent) over the past year4
I do not see measurements on how many people actually do use specific services in analysed countries (apart from very general 42% figure on page 13), and it's definitely different thing when administration makes a service available, and when majority of people actually consider it useful enough to use it. It's easy to design a service that is so complicated and inefficient that no one will actually use it. The report can be found on EC's website: