If you're looking for a quick way to list all cookies used by a specific website you should try

It's a simple service that I've crafted for a specific need — inventory of cookies on several enterprise websites to help their owners comply with new cookie regulations implied by revised EU privacy directive. I don't like some of the arguments raised when this directive was enacted, and I don't like some national regulations that were introduced as result. Nonetheless, I needed a tool to comply with them.

The tool will not capture all cookies used by your website — it will only see the cookies your website sets to public, anonymous audience. But it's not limited to the main page — you can give it any URL on the website.

The results are presented in two ways:

  • an easy to read summary, presenting number of third-party domains that the website reports to (using cookies, that is); number of persistent cookies and number of session cookies, which are usually considered harmless
  • detailed table of specific cookie names, domains and expiration dates for all cookies found on analysed website

It's also capturing a screenshot of the website. The HTML engine used is WebKit and it does support JavaScript and Flash in most cases. As with most programatic emulations of web browsers, it sometimes does crash on random pages — usually it will help if you just reload the results page.

Batch processing of multiple websites and more detailed, exportable reports are planned soon.