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IPSec.pl was established Paweł Krawczyk, Polish consultant and author specialising in IT security. Since 1992 he was member of FidoNet. Since 1994 administrator of a student server on Cracow University of Technology. Since 1995 network administrator of CETI, an ISP in Krakow. Since 2000 programmer, architect and pentester in ABA, company building embedded devices for Polish public sector. In 2002 he designed an network encryption device that later passed ITSEC-E2 certification. Since 2005 authored and delivered security training for Compendium training center. Since 2009 responsible for application security in Hewitt Associates, later Aon Hewitt. Since 2013 in Kainos in UK. Between 2000 and 2010 he authored a numerous security articles for Polish branch of Computerworld and presented on many security conferences in Europe.

IPSec.pl was established in 1998, initially as personal page in CETI, used for publishing Polish translation of PGP manual, later security news. The domain was registered in 2000.